mars, sometime when i can live there

as somebody who is both a furry therian and extremely stressed out by earthly geopolitics and the existence of senescence and mortality, i think i'm entitled to a bit of space transhumanist escapism. i deserve it. and fortunately my boyfriend is more than willing to indulge me in it, so it's gradually coming into being with his help! which is exciting. here's some bits and pieces of it, provisionally collected on a single page

notes on nomenclature

i could go on and on about how i think clinging to names sourced from earthly mythology for every last semi-major celestial body in existence sucks. because it totally does!!

the martian calendar

i happen to be of the exceptionally insightful opinion that most martian calendars that have been created are kind of dogshit. by "most calendars" i mean like, all and only the ones that are listed on the wikipedia article for timekeeping on mars, but you know, i'm sure somebody else has made a half-decent one. reflecting that state of affairs i figured i'd make my own for this setting.

principles of this calendar design include:

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