miaj felsonoj

yeah so i have... Two Of Them... which is a fairly recent development, actually, for a long time i was one of those people who thought, like, surely i'd ever only need one to be Me™, which was complicated also by the therianism thing. but you know, i like having two, they do let me express slightly different facets of myself and also let me be my own ten-inch size difference pred/prey phantasie. i phrase that jokingly but, i dunno, there is a fair degree of comfort to be gotten from thinking about like... holding myself... among other things


roswell is my main guy/the one whose species matches my k*ntype. i am entirely undecided as to whether he and sheridan (below) exist as characters in their own right or if they're just different forms i think about inhabiting (sometimes simultaneously) or what, but like, you know, glad to have them either way


sheridan is much newer, to the point where even his name isn't totally certain (because it bears an unfortunate resemblance to a character from a piece of media with which i was once involved that isn't enough to make me ditch the name entirely but which is kind of a nagging annoyance that i hope i can forget about before long), but like. i really like antlers and like, hooves and stuff, and mule deers turned out to be a really good fit